Age of ENHYPEN Members: A Comprehensive Guide to the Rising K-Pop Group’s Birthdates

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Age of ENHYPEN Members

K-pop has become a popular, and ENHYPEN is the main latest groups to make layers in this generation. The group was generate by a survival reality show and called “I-LAND,” and their single “Given-Taken” has already assembles millions of views on YouTube. However, with seven members in this rising group, it can be challenging to keep track of all their birthdates. In this difficult guide, we’ll focus close at ENHYPEN’s age range and introduce the world of each peoples with their correct birth dates. Are you ready to know this talented young artist better? Let’s dive in! Read more….

Who are ENHYPEN?

ENHYPEN is only seven-member K-pop group that was found in 2020 by survival show “I-LAND”. The members has chosen by their own talent, skills and personality during the show. Even ENHYPEN is a new group, it has already collected a large following due to its unique sound and attractive performance.

The name of the group select from two words; “en” meaning “complete,” and “hyphen” was representing the connection b/w different people. This name show the idea of bringing together, separate from diverse background to generate something naturally and beautiful.

Each number brings with their own district personality and style to the group. Their first single “Given-Taken” showcase their oral range as well as their attractive dance moves. ENHYPEN’s music videos are visually amazing with intricate choreography that leaves fans memorizes.

The member of ENHYPEN and their birthdates

ENHYPEN is a rising K-pop group found through the survival reality show, I-LAND. The group include of seven-members who come from various parts of the world and have distinct personalities and talents.

Let’s focus at each number and their birthdates;

First is Jungwon, born on February 9, 2004. He is the CEO of ENHYPEN and knows for his amazing, powerful oral and stage presence.

2nd is Heeseung, born on October 15, 2001. He has been praised for his powerful and impressive oral range and dance skills during his time on I-LAND.

Jay, was born on April 20, 2002. This talented rapper hails from Seattle and delighted audiences with his smooth flow during the show.

Jake, he was born on November 15, 2002 in Brisbane, Australia. His charming personality won of fans while he showcased his rapping skills during I-LAND.

Sunghoon, was born on December 8th, 2002 in South Korea. This amazing performance can sing, rap and dance with ease making fans an invaluable addition to ENHYPEN’s line-up.

Sunoo was born on June 24th, 2003 in South Korea. He impressed judges with his unique  

Voice, dance moves & face expressions which made hum stand out among others candidates.

Last but not least, D-I or Ni-Ki as he mostly called by fans is ENHYPEN’s youngest member, born on September 9th, 2005.

This Japanese makuae showed off incredible dancing moves skills in all competition creating quite a round himself.

What age range do the members of ENHYPEN fall into?

The members of ENHYPEN fall into a relatively early age range, with the oldest member being born in 2001 and the youngest member born in 2005. This means that at the time of their first debut in November 2020, the members were all between the ages of 15 or 19.

The age range is attract of Big Hit Entertainment’s philosophy for their young groups that aims to debut them at a younger age so that they can grow earlier as artists and performer. It also connect with K-pop industry standards younger must be preferred by fans.

While ENHYPEN might be young compared to some other K-pop groups out there, they certainly have a bright future in front of them thanks to their talent and hard work ethic.

The Youngest and Oldest Members of ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN is developing K-pop group has won the hearts of fans all around the world. The group belong to seven-members, each has their unique personalities and talents. With such diversity among them its not surprising and there’s also important age range within the group.

The youngest member of ENHYPEN is Ni-Ki, born on December 9th, 2005. He brings powerful energy to the group never fails to impress with his dancing skills at the age of Fifteen years old. Despite he is one of the youngest in ENHYPEN. Ni-Ki can hold his own during performing alongside his older bandmates.

On the other end, Sunoo takes a role as ENHYPEN’s oldest member. He is born on June 24th, 2003, he currently stands at eighteen years old and brings maturity and experience to the group dynamics. While he is still young himself. Sunoo acts as a guider force for some of his younger member during performance.

We can see why fans love to every single member equally despite their differences in age – they’re all part of what makes up this amazing ensemble called ENHYPHEN!

How does ENHYYPEN’s age range compare to other K-pop groups?

When ENHYPEN comes to K-pop groups, age ranges can vary widely. Some groups have members that are all in their earlier twenties, while others may have older and younger members. ENHYPEN’s age falls in the middle.

Compared to others famous groups like BTS and BLACKPINK, ENHYPEN slightly younger. The oldest member of ENHYPEN in only 18 years old, while the youngest of BTS (Jungkook) is 23 years old.

It looks that there are not compulsory a “right” or “wrong” age range for K-pop groups- different groups will caught different audiences it based on music, dance style and overall theme.


ENHYPEN has gripped the K-pop industry by storm since their first debut in 2020. Despite being a approximately new group, but they have already got a massive fan following worldwide.

As we have seen, the members of ENHYPEN are mostly falls into the age of 16-21 years old. Their talent what make them stand out from other K-pop groups. Their fans interested anticipate their every release and performance as they continue to showcase their potential for attractive music industry. We hope comprehensive guide to their birthdates has surprised you some insight into who these talented young artists.

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