Raj Mahal Restaurant

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Raj Mahal Restaurant

Are you craving the flavors of authentic Indian cuisine? Look no further than Raj Mahal Restaurant, where every dish is crafted with care and precision to bring you an unforgettable dining experience. From mouth-watering appetizers to delectable entrees, our menu offers something for everyone. And with a warm and inviting ambiance, Raj Mahal Restaurant is the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or simply want to indulge in exquisite meals, come discover why we’re one of the most beloved restaurants in town.

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Location and Contact Information

Located in the heart of the city, Raj Mahal Restaurant is easily accessible from any part of town. Our restaurant boasts a prime location that’s perfect for both locals and tourists alike.

If you’re new to the area or simply unfamiliar with our location, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. You can find us at 123 Main Street, just off the main thoroughfare. And if you have trouble finding us, feel free to give us a call at (555) 123-4567 and we’ll be happy to guide you.

At Raj Mahal Restaurant, we strive to provide exceptional customer service in every aspect of your dining experience – including when it comes to contacting us. Whether you have questions about our menu or want to make a reservation for an upcoming event, our friendly staff is always available and ready to assist you.

So why wait? Come visit us today and see for yourself why so many people choose Raj Mahal Restaurant as their go-to spot for delicious Indian cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere.

About Raj Mahal Restaurant

Raj Mahal Restaurant is a gem of an Indian restaurant, tucked away in the bustling city. It is located on 55th street, just off Lexington Avenue, making it easily accessible to both locals and tourists alike.
The decor is tasteful and stylish, featuring traditional Indian artwork and furniture. The menu features a range of classic Indian dishes, including tandoori chicken, samosas, masala dosa, biryani and more. All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients to ensure the best flavors for their guests. The restaurant also offers catering services for events of all sizes.

Raj Mahal Restaurant prides itself on its friendly service and delicious food. All dishes are cooked to perfection to ensure that every customer leaves happy and satisfied.

The moment you walk into the establishment, you are immediately greeted by warm and friendly staff who will guide you to your table. The decor of the place exudes an aura of elegance with its intricate woodwork and beautiful lighting fixtures.

But what truly sets Raj Mahal apart from other restaurants is their commitment to serving authentic Indian cuisine that takes your taste buds on a journey through India’s diverse culinary traditions. From rich butter chicken packed with flavor to spicy vindaloos that awaken your senses, every dish at Raj Mahal is made with love and care by talented chefs who have mastered their craft over many years.

Whether you’re looking for vegetarian options or seafood delicacies, there’s something for everyone at Raj Mahal. And don’t forget about their delicious desserts! From creamy kulfi ice cream to sweet gulab jamuns soaked in syrup – every bite offers a heavenly experience.

Raj Mahal Restaurant provides an unforgettable dining experience that immerses guests in its exquisite ambiance while indulging in flavorful dishes inspired by India’s vast culinary landscape.

Appetizers that Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

At Raj Mahal Restaurant, the appetizers are not just a prelude to your meal; they are the stars of their own show! The menu offers a wide range of options that will appeal to every palate.

For those who love spice and heat, try the popular Samosas – crispy pastry pockets filled with spiced potatoes and peas. The Tandoori Chicken Tikka is another crowd-pleaser, with tender chunks of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices before being grilled in the tandoor oven.

Vegetarians won’t be disappointed either as there are plenty of options for them too. Try the Paneer Pakora – cubes of soft cheese battered in chickpea flour and fried until golden brown or Masala Papad – crispy lentil wafers topped with diced onions, tomatoes, and chutney.

If you’re feeling adventurous or simply looking for something different, go for the Fish Amritsari – delicate fish fillets coated in a spicy batter made from gram flour (besan) deep-fried to perfection.

No matter which appetizer you choose at Raj Mahal Restaurant, it’s sure to leave your mouth watering for more!

Entrees to Satisfy Every Craving

Raj Mahal Restaurant offers an extensive selection of entrees that are sure to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy, creamy, or savory, their menu has got you covered.

For vegetarians, there are plenty of options to choose from like the Paneer Tikka Masala – a classic Indian dish made with grilled cheese cubes smothered in a creamy tomato-based sauce. Another must-try is the Bhindi Do Pyaza – a stir-fry dish made with okra and onions that’s bursting with flavors.

If you’re more of a chicken lover, then Raj Mahal has got some mouth-watering dishes like Chicken Korma – tender pieces of chicken cooked in a rich cashew nut and cream sauce. Or try their signature Butter Chicken – juicy tandoori chicken served in a smooth tomato-based gravy loaded with spices.

Lamb and goat lovers can take delight in dishes such as Rogan Josh – tender lamb chunks braised slowly until they melt-in-your-mouth along with an aromatic blend of herbs and spices creating one unforgettable flavor-packed dish! Don’t miss out on the Lamb Biryani either which is perfectly spiced rice layered together with succulent lamb pieces!

Seafood enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy too at Raj Mahal. The restaurant boasts an array of seafood selections from Prawn Curry to Fish Malai – all prepared using only fresh ingredients!

No Indian meal would be complete without sides like Dal Makhni – black lentils simmered overnight before being finished off with buttery cream or Aloo Gobi – potatoes mixed together perfectly with cauliflower florets seasoned just right.

At Raj Mahal Restaurant, your dining experience will not be complete without trying any one (or two) of their delicious bread choices straight out from the tandoor oven; Naan Bread Garlic & Cheese Naan , Kulcha stuffed naans filled up generously offer another level on the dining experience!

Don’t forget to end your meal with a sweet treat by

Vegetarian Selections

At Raj Mahal Restaurant, we understand that dietary restrictions should not limit the enjoyment of exceptional cuisine. That’s why our menu features an impressive array of vegetarian options that are just as flavorful and satisfying as their meat-based counterparts.

Our vegetarian selections showcase the diversity and complexity of Indian cuisine. From aromatic curries to crispy samosas, our dishes feature a wide range of vegetables, legumes, and spices that leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

One must-try dish is the palak paneer – a creamy spinach curry studded with chunks of homemade cheese. Another favorite is baingan bharta – smoky roasted eggplant mashed with tomato, onion, ginger and garlic for an irresistible flavor punch.

If you’re in the mood for something savory yet light try our chana masala or dal makhani made from lentils cooked overnight with creamed butter to create a rich texture which will melt in your mouth.

With so many delicious options available at Raj Mahal Restaurant it’s easy to see why vegetarians keep coming back for more!

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Chicken Dishes

When it comes to Indian cuisine, chicken dishes are a staple and Raj Mahal Restaurant offers some of the best options in town. Whether you prefer your chicken grilled, fried or simmered in a flavorful curry sauce, there is something for everyone.

For those who love spice, the Chicken Vindaloo is a must-try dish that features tender pieces of chicken cooked with potatoes and finished off with a tangy vinegar-based sauce. For something more mild but equally delicious, the Chicken Tikka Masala is always a crowd pleaser – succulent chunks of marinated chicken cooked in creamy tomato sauce.

If you’re looking for a healthy option without sacrificing flavor, try the Tandoori Chicken – marinated overnight in yogurt and spices before being roasted to perfection in our traditional clay oven. And for those who enjoy bold flavors and aromas, don’t miss out on the Butter Chicken – tender boneless chicken cooked in rich tomato gravy with butter and cream.

No matter which dish you choose at Raj Mahal Restaurant’s extensive menu, rest assured that every bite will be bursting with authentic Indian flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing!

Lamb and Goat Dishes

When it comes to Indian cuisine, lamb and goat dishes are always a top choice for meat lovers. At Raj Mahal Restaurant, the chefs have mastered the art of creating mouth-watering lamb and goat dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

One popular dish is the Rogan Josh, a Kashmiri-style curry made with tender lamb cooked in aromatic spices such as ginger, garlic, cumin and coriander. The slow cooking process ensures that every bite is packed with flavor.

Another delicious option is the Bhuna Gosht, which features succulent pieces of goat meat cooked in onions and tomatoes until they melt in your mouth. This dish has a perfect balance of spices that gives it a robust taste without overwhelming your taste buds.

For those looking for something spicy and fiery, try our Laal Maas – a traditional Rajasthani specialty made with mutton or goat meat cooked in red chili paste along with other fragrant spices like cloves and bay leaves.

At Raj Mahal Restaurant we use only fresh ingredients including high-quality Lamb & Goat meats sourced from local farmers to ensure authentic flavors in every bite you take!

Seafood Selections

If you’re seeking for fresh seafood options, Raj Mahal Restaurant has a range of choices that will undoubtedly please your taste buds. Their menu features an array of scrumptious seafood dishes cooked with traditional Indian spices and herbs.

One must-try dish is the Tandoori Fish Tikka, where succulent boneless fish pieces are marinated in yogurt and spices and then grilled in a clay oven. The result is soft, juicy bites of fish with a smoky flavor that will leave you wanting more.

Another excellent choice for seafood enthusiasts is the Shrimp Masala Curry. Plump shrimp are simmered in creamy tomato-based curry and flavored with aromatic spices like garam masala to create this delicious dish.

For those who prefer something on the milder side, there’s also the Fish Curry – tender fish fillets swimming in rich sauce made from coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, ginger-garlic paste along with mild blends of turmeric powder and cumin seeds.

All these delightful seafood selections make Raj Mahal Restaurant stand out among other restaurants serving Indian cuisine. So why not dive into some mouth-watering delicacies now?

Sides to Complete Your Meal

No Indian meal is complete without a variety of delicious side dishes to complement the main course. At Raj Mahal Restaurant, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of sides that are sure to satisfy every palate.

Our vegetable samosas are always a crowd-pleaser and make for the perfect appetizer or snack. For something on the lighter side, try our refreshing cucumber raita or tangy mango chutney.

If you’re looking for something heartier, indulge in our creamy paneer makhani or flavorful dal tadka. And don’t forget about our freshly baked naan bread – it’s the perfect vessel for scooping up all of those delicious curries and sauces.

For those who love spice, be sure to try our fiery green chili pickle or zesty lime pickle. And if you’re feeling adventurous, give our bhindi masala (okra cooked with onions and spices) a try – it’s a unique and flavorful addition to any meal.

At Raj Mahal Restaurant, we believe that great food deserves equally great sides. So come visit us today and experience all of the mouth-watering flavors that Indian cuisine has to offer!

A Variety of Biryani and Rice Options

When it comes to Indian cuisine, one cannot forget about the fragrant and flavorful biryanis. Raj Mahal Restaurant offers a variety of biryani and rice options that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

First up is the classic chicken biryani – tender pieces of chicken cooked in aromatic basmati rice with an array of spices. For those who prefer vegetarian options, try the vegetable biryani – a medley of fresh veggies cooked in fragrant rice with herbs and spices.

For meat lovers, there’s also lamb or goat biryani – succulent pieces of meat slow-cooked in seasoned rice for hours until each grain is infused with flavor. Seafood enthusiasts can indulge in shrimp or fish biryani that features perfectly cooked seafood nestled within fluffy grains of basmati rice.

If you’re looking for something beyond traditional biryanis, check out the restaurant’s special egg or paneer (cottage cheese) fried rice dishes. Each option is packed full of flavor thanks to expert blending techniques used by experienced chefs.

No matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed an explosion of flavors at every bite. Be sure to pair your meal with some cooling raita or chutney!

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Delicious Bread from the Tandoor

The tandoor oven is a staple in Indian cuisine, and the bread that comes out of it is simply divine. At Raj Mahal Restaurant, we offer a variety of freshly baked bread cooked to perfection in our tandoor oven.

Our naan bread is a must-try for any first-time visitor. It’s soft and fluffy with just the right amount of crispiness on the outside. The garlic naan adds an extra kick with its fresh garlic seasoning.

For those who want something different, try our butter naan or cheese naan. The buttery goodness will melt in your mouth while the cheese provides an added layer of richness.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, try our stuffed paratha filled with spiced potatoes or paneer cheese. Or opt for the roti – a healthier alternative made from whole wheat flour.

No matter which option you choose, one thing is certain: you won’t be disappointed by our delicious tandoor-baked bread at Raj Mahal Restaurant!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Authentic Indian Desserts

Indulging in a delicious Indian meal is always an unforgettable experience. But it’s not complete without satisfying your sweet tooth with authentic Indian desserts! Raj Mahal Restaurant offers a variety of dessert options that will leave you feeling satisfied and content.

One popular option is the Gulab Jamun, which are deep-fried dough balls soaked in syrup. They are soft, moist, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Another favorite is the Ras Malai – spongy cottage cheese dumplings soaked in creamy milk sauce and flavored with cardamom.

If you’re looking for something fruity, try the Mango Lassi – a refreshing yogurt-based drink blended with fresh mangoes. The Kulfi Falooda is also a must-try; it’s a traditional Indian ice cream served over vermicelli noodles and topped off with rose syrup.

At Raj Mahal Restaurant, every dessert option has been carefully crafted to offer guests an unforgettable culinary experience. Don’t miss out on these delectable treats that will surely satisfy your sweet cravings!

Beverages to Compliment Your Meal

No Indian meal is complete without a refreshing beverage to balance out the spices and flavors. At Raj Mahal Restaurant, we offer a wide variety of drinks that perfectly compliment your meal.

Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, hot or cold, we have something for everyone. Our mango lassi is a customer favorite – it’s creamy, tangy and pairs perfectly with any spicy dish. For those who want something more traditional, our masala chai tea is made with bold spices and served piping hot.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try our rose milk – it’s a unique blend of rose syrup and chilled milk that creates an incredibly refreshing beverage. And for those who want to indulge in some adult beverages, we have an extensive wine list as well as specialty cocktails like our mango margarita.

Whatever your preference may be, trust us when we say that our selection of beverages will elevate your dining experience at Raj Mahal Restaurant. Come join us for a delicious meal paired with the perfect drink!

Perfect For Valentin’s Day: Specials for Sharing

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a romantic meal at Raj Mahal Restaurant? This year, they are offering some truly special specials that are perfect for sharing with your loved one.

Start off with their indulgent Lobster Bisque soup, made from scratch and served hot. The rich flavors of fresh lobster, cream, and spices will leave you feeling warm inside.

For your main course, try the Tandoori Mixed Grill platter. This delicious dish features a variety of grilled meats including chicken tikka, lamb chops and shrimp skewers, all cooked to perfection in the tandoor oven.

Vegetarians can enjoy an equally satisfying option with the Vegetable Biryani. Bursting with flavor from fragrant basmati rice mixed with an array of colorful veggies like carrots peas green beans topped up paneer crispy onion & nuts this biryani is sure to please everyone’s palate.

And no meal is complete without dessert! Try their decadent Chocolate Lava Cake for two – it’s gooey on the inside and has a crisp exterior that pairs perfectly with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by indulging in these delightful dishes together at Raj Mahal Restaurant. Book your table now before it fills up!

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Conclusion and Customer Reviews

Raj Mahal Restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in exquisite meals and ambiance. From their appetizing starters to their mouth-watering entrees, every dish is made with authentic Indian flavors that will leave you wanting more. The vegetarian selections are a must-try even for meat-eaters, while the chicken dishes are flavorful and juicy. And if you want something a little bolder, try out the lamb or goat dishes.

The seafood options are also worth exploring for those who love fresh catches from the ocean. Completing your meal with sides like dal makhani, naan bread straight from the tandoor oven and biryani rice options only adds to your dining experience.

To finish off on a sweet note, indulging in traditional Indian desserts such as gulab jamun or kulfi will definitely satisfy your taste buds. And let’s not forget about cooling down with refreshing beverages like lassi or chai tea.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what other customers have said about their experiences at Raj Mahal Restaurant! With its great food and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this restaurant has received rave reviews.

So come on down to Raj Mahal Restaurant today and immerse yourself in all of these delicious flavors!

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